Genome Live™ harnesses affinity data to deliver rich customer profiling to power personalisation, insights, engagement, media activation and product offers.

With more than 15 million Australian members, spending billions in sports, entertainment and the arts, the TEG dataset is the largest and most active in Australia’s discretionary economy.

Data can define a personality
Every member is a transactor, fan and customer with defined passions, purchases and interests. We call it affinity data, and the impact on personalisation, conversion and loyalty is substantial.

Customer intelligence has a name.

Affinity data defines a customer’s Genome, encapsulating every facet of their transactional behaviour and personality. The Genome is the basis of our modelling, scoring and customer intelligence offering.

Making business decisions smarter
Through deterministic methods, TEG Analytics integrates Genome data into a business’s CRM, marketing and loyalty systems, strengthening customer intelligence, engagement strategies and product relevancy.


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